Thursday, January 29, 2004

The Urinal Compromise
So my husband is busy formulating his plan for "husbandland". He is making the garage into an actual room with carpet and the like - outfitted with HDTV, surround sound, a putting green and a recliner. Somewhere where he can go when I have over the "scrapbook hens" as he likes to call them. I'm OK with this...BUT when he comes to me and says "the neighbor can put in a urinal at cost for me" I laughed hysterically and said "ummmm, NO".

After several weeks now of constant pestering, he finally says to me "what will it take for you to let me have a urinal?" I told him I wanted to make a scrapbook of all the pictures I have of BEFORE we were know, all the boyfriend pictures that I was *supposed* to throw away but I'm hiding in the closet...ha! A deal! We struck a deal and shook on it!! A little background for this: my husband is insanely jealous and possesive. He pretends I did not have any kind of a life before I met him. (funny that this is coming from a man who was previously married.) I, on the other hand, am a picture fanatic and don't believe in EVER throwing a photograph away. I am really into photo preservation. I have no feelings for any of my ex's - that is not the point for me. I even have pictures of my husband's ex in one of my scrapbooks.. I just want to scrapbook my life and write about fond memories. No one will ever look at it except me - I have no kids to leave it to. It is not that I am PROUD of some of the things I have done - I just want it documented so I can laugh, cry and remember. So, there it is. That good ol' marriage compromising crap. I wonder what kind of compromise I'll have to make to get another puppy???

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Enchiladas and Neighbors
I made those EFL enchiladas again...except I used low-carb tortillas instead of corn tortillas. I told you I live on Mexican food...can't get enough! and the hotter the better! I make it so spicy that my nose runs, but it does make getting in my gallons of water for the day easier! So we had that for dinner last night, and I made enough to take to work and have some for my first meal of the day. I know, I know, enchiladas for breakfast is weird.

My neighborhood is the freak capital of the world. I have one neighbor who is *very* pissed at her husband and is constantly coming over to vent, another neighbor who decided to have her baby in her bathtub, another neighbor who insists on telling her kids good-nite stories that the WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD can hear, and a neighbor couple who decide once they get home from work, to dress-up in funky clothes and put on all of their body jewelry (nose rings, nipple name it) and sit in their garage and drink. Then there is myself who walks around the house mostly naked carrying my laptop with me wherever I go.

Monday, January 26, 2004

I almost forgot...
I cooked something that I came up with all by myself and it was GOOD!

Cheryl's Burritos
The leanest ground turkey you can find
Sugar-free Catsup
Lawry's taco seasoning
La Tortilla Factory Garlic & herb low-carb tortillas
green onions, chopped
cilantro - lots!
tomatoes - chopped

Brown the meat and add all ingredients. Use as much of each ingredient you want to fit your taste buds. Serve on warm tortillas with fat-free cheese and fat-free sour cream. Yummers! I think I must be part Mexican....I eat mostly Mexican food, I speak a little Spanish, I love Tequila - and there is one more I am not going to talk about. :-D
Nothing interesting has happened in, like, 3 days. The Weather people can't make up their minds. Its gonna snow, no its not, yes it is, no its not...and on and on and on. I ate 8 pieces of pizza on free day. I fell down at work again, onto my knees, and I have bruises. It was also a sore-leg-weekend. Everyone is sick that I work with and I'm scared to death I will get something and it will wreck my progress so far. I'm down 7 pounds according to my trainer from early December. I'm all discombobulated today. That's about it. Sorry.

Thursday, January 22, 2004

While I'm on a roll...
OK - we've seen the BIG about "rocker" hair? I did all the fads...I do cherish the size of my WAIST in this picture - eventhough it was pre-weight training. Soak it up, kids, we won't be making fun of crazydogmama next week...

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

How is my morning, you ask? I am choking on my Zone Bar. I was inhaling one a few minutes ago, and forgot to grab my water by the water cooler. I got a little piece of the granola stuck in my throat and it made my throat tickle, and sent me in to a fit of coughing. This lasted for, say, 10 minutes or so. My eyes were watering and my nose was running. No one came to my rescue. I did notice, however, that several office doors down the hallway from me were slammed shut. Well, gee, people...sorry to frigging interrupt you! I now have little pieces of mushy Zone Bar all over my office floor. Its gonna be a great day, I can tell!! :-D

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The Dynasty Bitch
That is what my mom and I call this ridiculous picture of me. It was one of my senior pictures - and you can definately tell it was the 80's. Check out that hair! and the earrings! Psst...yogagirl....see what I mean??? I am not quite sure what I was trying to accomplish with my look...but oh well...if we can't laugh at ourselves....umm, wait a minute, I'd much rather laugh at other people! One of the reasons my husband and I are so perfect for each other is because we have the grand ability to make fun of just about everyone. At the police academy, where we met, we had a name for everyone...tackleberrry, Mr. Heatmeiser, down-syndrome guy, etc., etc., etc.

Strange Vibe
Ok, there are strange electrons in the air today...I don't know why. Every now and then I get this weird *feeling* that I can't explain. It is not necessarily a bad vibe, but definately a strange one. Can't put my finger on what it is. It does make me nervous, though. I am going to watch everyone very carefully today...and watch out for falling meteors. :-D

Aside from the twilight zone, my morning is quite normal. I'm tired, cranky and not in the mood to work. Everything is a mess. I don't have enough coffee to wake me up. I'm not sure the grocery store has enough coffee to wake me up. I don't want a grilled chicken salad, I want a brownie. I would rather take a nap on my lunch break instead of working out. My hair looks like a mop cuz I said "fuck it" this morning. I have no money in my account. I'm wearing the same pants I wore yesterday. (clean underwear, though) I forgot my lunch. My car smells like feet. Maybe I should just go home.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Zombie Zoo
Recovering from my weekend, here. After working overtime at my desk job, I survived my workout on Friday with my trainer. She just laughed at me - but she did take it easy on my legs. Instead, she beat my upper-body up. Now I can't walk, sit, talk on the phone (arms hurt) or do any movement that involves my abs. I also taught a scrapbooking class until midnight on Friday. Then, on Saturday, my stepson came over and I worked at the restaurant until 12:30am. On Sunday, we took my stepson home (round trip of 3 hours), went grocery shopping and other errands, ate dinner and crashed. I'm working a 10-hour shift today, then teaching another scrapbooking class tonight until about 11pm - then it starts all over again on Tuesday at 4am. What is wrong with me? I go from not getting out of my PJ's for 3 days, to running around like a mad woman. I've also been experiencing heart palpitations for the last 2 days. Gee, I wonder why?

Friday, January 16, 2004

I'm an Idiot
Seriously, I am. I pushed myself very hard this week at the gym - pushing it beyond my limit. I am supposed to see my trainer for the first time today at 12:30 since my December hiatus - and I can barely MOVE. My legs are so sore that someone thought I had sprained my ankle because I am walking so funny. What am I gonna do??? What was I thinking? My trainer always works my legs pretty hard!! I tried to call her cell phone last night so that I could warn her, but it was out of service! Crap! Guess I'll just keep poppin' the Ibuprofen...and pray. There is no mercy. My eating has been great this week, however.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Do you know how hard it is to work at an italian restaurant where they give you free food when you are trying to do BFL??? Holy pasta, Batman! I was good last night...I resisted the penne with gorgonzola cream sauce and the double dutch chocolate torte. Somebody KILL me, that was hard! Just give me the mixed European greens with chicken and artichoke hearts in a balsamic vineager, please...I was literally shaking - but I don't have an eating disorder though...ha!

Everyone must read the "Tuesday, January 13th" entry of this - what a complete crack-up. I am trying to think of crazy, bratty things I did as a child, but it's not that good! When I was like 7, or so, I remember telling my friends at school that my mom went to jail - when in reality she just got a speeding ticket. Ma - do you remember that? Let's see...I took off my clothes everywhere I went when I was very young - didn't like clothes...ummm...after my mom popped me on the head with a wooden spoon for some stupid thing I did, I went and put a trash can on my head and walked around with my protection on...that is all I can think of. I'm sure my mom will fill me in soon...

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Enchiladas and Books
I cleaned up the spider webs in the kitchen and made another EFL meal - "Mom's Chicken Enchiladas". All I can say is YUM. I really liked this one! I wanted, like, 10 of them. It was a little more preparation than I wanted to do after a 12-hour day, but it was worth it. I also bought a new book. "Invisible Monsters" by Chuck Palahnuik. It was recommended to me because it is one of those dark, crazy books. The author also wrote "Fight Club" if that gives you the idea...anyway - it is about a model who gets her jaw shot off and of course is horribly disfigured and can't talk. She loses her modeling job (duh), and her boyfriend dumps her and runs away with her best friend. She meets up with a transsexual (or something) and goes in search of happiness. Sounds interesting, no? I can't wait to start reading it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I'm Official!
I actually REGISTERED for the Body for Life challenge today! What a concept! I do challenges, but never send in paperwork. I'm GONNA this time! Ya just never know...I will be doing that challenge, and the other challenge I told you about. The person I am competing with doesn't do BFL (to my knowledge) and thinks WALKING is gonna do it...NOT! Ha! I am sooooo gonna kick their ass! :-D

I may also register for a Maxformation since my trainer works for Max Muscle. I don't know if there are any rules that forbid competing in two different challenges...I use products from both EAS and Max Muscle. If anyone me.
Starting off with a protein shake this morning and will be doing stone wheat crackers with turkey and hot mustard for my next meal. My husband made his famous "Jim Chicken" last night. MMMMMMM - It is a very moist chicken breast in his special healthy, homemade barbecue sauce. What a great husband I was fabulous. I had that and a huge portion of steamed cauliflower with enough water to take a bath in. Its cardio day. crap. I hate cardio day. I just need to focus on my competition and how jealous they will be when I blow them so far out of the water it isn't funny!

Monday, January 12, 2004

The Old Grindstone...
Things are incredibly back to normal now..including the Monday morning blahs. I'm also back on BFL full time now. Started off with an Iced Chai Tea with protein powder and glutamine, then a zone bar, then gonna do oatmeal with splenda and lean ham. (I get up at 4:30am, so I am able to get a majority of my meals in before everyone else's normal lunch time.) I work out at lunch - gotta re-sign with the gym today. It will be pathetically busy - being January and all. I don't see my trainer until Friday - but I'm sure I will be way out of shape from my December Hiatus. I'm in competition for weightloss/muscle gain with a certain someone who I can't mention on my blog, so hopefully this will motivate me to get my arse going so I can BEAT THEM! They have a little bit of a head start on me, but once I get going - I know I can kick some serious butt.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Psycho Barbecuing
Ok, I found another Texas Chainsaw site. This one made me laugh. You know I'm certifiable, right? Its called "ChopTops BBQ" There are some neato recipes - just scroll down the left side and click on the bbq link. For those of you who don't know, ChopTop is the Vietnam vet with a plate in his head that is part of the "family" in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part II. He is quite entertaining in the movie - a very colorful character. Anyway, my fav recipe is "Pete Loaf" with the main ingredient of course, being a guy named PETE. *Warning* this link is not for weenies. You have to have a sick sense of humor like me. :)
Back to Normal
Temps are back in the 50's and all the snow and ice is gone. Whew! I thought it would be wasn't. You would think that it would allow me extra time to get stuff done like cleaning, organizing - you know, all that stuff you always plead as "I don't have the time!". Well, I had the time and I was still lazy. I did, however, find the best drink EVER once we were able to break free from the ice barricades. We went to Ixtapa for some Mexican food and I ordered a "double chocolate winter". It is hot chocolate with cinnamon, Baileys, Amaretto and Kahlua. It is DA BOMB!! Best kept for free days, of course, but WOW - talk about a chocolate lovers dream...its like an orgasm in a glass. After a *few* of those - I was swept off into a very restful slumber.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Ice Storm!
So, first, we get pelted with snow, then 60 mile-an-hour winds, then an ICESTORM. This is the freakiest BS I have ever seen. This is my first icestorm, so I did not know what to expect. Our power started blinking on and off - and that really sent me into a panic because we don't own a fireplace - yes, I'm THAT pathetic. I kept wondering if we were all going to freeze to death. I've kept the computer off for the most part because of the power threat; hence the lack of blogging. I couldn't stand it any longer, though, so here I am. The DOGS don't even like it. I did get some rather humorous video of them sliding on the ice after treats, however. I'm just evil - I'll do anything for a good picture. You'll notice the picture of Louie standing on TOP of the snow - because the top layer of that snow is ice. My front windows look like shower glass, and I can't get my car door open. I got a little extended vacation from work, too. It hasn't been fun, though. I'm feeling anxious and claustrophobic. My neighbors will call me, but no one will venture out of their house. Its like we all have this neurotic need to stay inside and whine and bitch.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Bummed and Freezing

It is 15 frigging degrees doesn't usually get this cold here and my blood is still a little thin from the mild winter we had last year. I can't even remember the last time it got below 32 degrees. The news is predicting a foot of snow tomorrow for my area. A FOOT! Holy crap! Lou and Mags are laying in front of the heater, and won't budge. I actually love the snow, but it sucks when you have a bunch of plans. There is no way on the planet I am driving to work with a foot of snow on the ground. I am a great snow driver, but Washington drivers are among the most moronic when it comes to winter weather. "Its snowing? Oh, well, I'll drive FASTER! I have a four-wheel drive vehicle and I am the only important one on the road!" Then there are the other drivers.."Oh my God, its armageddon! I'll go 2 mph up this hill!"

Tomorrow is the official end to my 2 week vacation from the office. poo. I have been in my pajamas for the last two days and have slept more than I have been awake. I got absolutely NOTHING accomplished. I have not even brushed my hair. It was a huge effort just to check my email. Now, its back to working double shifts, working out everyday, preparing 6 meals a day and sleeping only 6 or so hours a night. As much as I would like to be a stay-at-home dogmom - I would probably end up being a 500 pound rolling donut who would break out in a sweat answering the phone. Its really a good thing that I have jobs.

Friday, January 02, 2004

Thursday, January 01, 2004

It is 2004. Woohoo.
New Year's Eve is so uneventful for us. I got called in to work at the restaurant (what a surprise), but they felt bad calling me in on my vacation so I got to be the first one off. That, of course, completely pissed off my co-workers who had to stay past midnight...hahaha. It is such a clusterfuck to work on a holiday at a restaurant. By the time we all figure out what the 5 billion specials are - its over. The prices get jacked up, and the service gets crappier because everyone on the planet eats out on holidays (and cuz we are all secretly cursing those people who get to do fun stuff on holidays and can afford to go out to eat at a nice restaurant). The stupidest people alive decided to sit in my section, too. "What is Linguini?" My God in heaven... It is, however, a good night to make bank. Over a hundred dollars cash in just a few hours.

It just started snowing again here - and it is sticking to the pavement. The Seattle-metro area isn't used to getting too much snow, so the whole state pretty much shuts down with a few inches.

Oh, and I made the Beef with Barely soup from Eating for Life! (I don't give a shit about mad cow) It was pretty good! Jim left the rest of it sitting out on the counter overnight, though, and we had to throw the rest away. Never trust men to put food away before they go to bed.

How to piss off a vegan: say you belong to PETA, then go on to explain what that term means to you: People Eating Tasty Animals.