Monday, December 01, 2003

The Couch Potato Emerges...
I slept most of the last three days - either on the couch or in my cozy bed. I don't think I was awake more than 4 hours at a time without a nap. It was WONDERFUL. After 3 months of constant running here and there and everywhere - meeting deadlines and trying to keep commitments, I feel I am finally caught up on some much needed sleep. Of course, I did wake up late this morning, and had to rush off to work. It makes no difference how much sleep I get, I still don't want to get up to go to work. Now, if I was getting up at 4am to go, say, skiing...I would be wide awake and ready to go. Speaking of skiing - the passes are open and I'm trying to figure out what it will take to get my arse on the slopes this year. It has been several years since I have been able to go - but this year I feel I need to get back at it. I only live about 40 minutes from one of the ski areas - and there is no reason why I shouldn't be going! It is hard to get motivated to workout in the winter, and skiing would be perfect for those winter-workout blahs! There's nothing like leg cramps, snow-chapped lips, sweating in long underwear and a nice array of bruises! I could just see myself now - in my 30's, haven't skied since my 20's - that chairlift will look scary for the first time...and BOOM! Yard-sale! (yard-sale = each ski, each pole and me all scattered over the hill)

Anyway, I did get to watch a few movies this weekend so here are some more reviews:

28 Days Later
I liked this one! It held my attention well, and had some cool camera effects. I do have one question, though. Why didn't "the infected" attack each other? Things that make you go hmmmm...

Finding Nemo
Very cute flick. Great Pixar-animation. I'm not much for kid's movies, but it was cute. I especially liked the ending - the very last line in the movie: "What now?" The story of my life!

Bruce Almighty
It was OK. I wasn't especially impressed. Typical Jim Carey antics. I got bored half-way through.

Party Girl
This was a very odd movie. One of my Netflix movies that took me two months to watch. I kept putting it off because my husband said he would rather watch commercials than watch this movie. But, I finally fed him enough to keep him from wrestling me for the remote. Now, I really like Parker Posie - so that is why I chose this movie. It was actually entertaining, and I wanted to keep watching just to see where it was going. All-in-all, I liked it, but you really had to pay attention to figure out what was going on. We both watched this one with one eyebrow raised the whole time.

Tomb Raider II - Cradle of Life
The soundtrack for the first Tomb Raider was much better - I actually bought it, it is great to do kickboxing to! The only entertaining part of this movie was getting to see what Angelina Jolie was going to wear next. She is a very unique looking person. My husband has no interest in her - he is a Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore fan. Me? I like Sam Elliott (yes, I know he is ancient, but he is so manly!) and I also like Vin Diesel, but his movies suck big-time. Anyway - don't waste your time unless you like looking at Angelina.

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