Wednesday, November 12, 2003

OK, What the Hell is going on?
My birthday has had a rough start. I accidentally slammed my head into a door. No kidding. I was bending over to pick up some paperwork I dropped, and bumped my noggin on the DOOR HANDLE. YEE-OUCH! I yelled some cuss words. (not always a good idea at work) Now I have a nice red mark on my forehead along with the ZIT I woke up with. Nice. Especially when I'm going to a posh restaurant for dinner. The first work-thing I started today was, of course, a nightmare. No one communicates with anyone, and so we all duplicate work (in a rush) and then have to do it 5 more times at a freaky stress level. Every job we do, or so I'm told, is of utmost importance, and the company's future depends on it. Yeah, whatever. Me typing a memo can't possibly affect the fate of the company. Unless it was a memo saying we were no longer allowed to eat chocolate. That would shut us down in 2 seconds flat.

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