Tuesday, November 18, 2003

My natural talents
We all have skills. Mine happens to be spilling stuff. I have replaced 3 keyboards at work from spilling liquid on them, and everyday at lunch I spill some sort of food content on my shelf. (My breast-area). My co-workers howl in laughter at me everyday. When someone else does it - they have just done a "Cheryl". I do this so often, that if there is NO spot on my shirt, I get comments like "we know you are an imposter - has Cheryl been taken to the mother ship?" This morning was no different. I had to wash my shirt in the bathroom sink to get all of the coffee off of it. I am walking around with a completely sopping wet shirt - and no one has said a thing. It is a normal day. I have been told that my secret Santa this year will be getting me an adult sippy cup.

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