Monday, November 24, 2003

More Movie Reviews!

Legally Blonde 2:
Don't waste your time. Now, I loved the first one - but this one was just plain ridiculous. I really like Reese Witherspoon too. I can't believe my husband sat throught the WHOLE THING without saying a word. He must really love me.

What a great flick! This is also a Reese Witherspoon movie, but in this one she is a bad-ass! It is a dark comedy (my favorite kind) with some great "unconventional" twists. It is older - made in the mid-nineties, and also has Kiefer Sutherland in it. A must see!

Wrong Turn
Not great, not horrible. Entertaining - with some good killing scenes, but still a little too "teenagy" for me. The Netflix envelope described this movie as "License to Drive meets Deliverance". Based on that, I had to watch it.

Terminator 3
So-so. I do love Arnold, though. There was some really cool big-trucks-flipping-over and crashing scenes, and the female terminator (terminatrix) was a great foe, but all and all, I was disappointed. Not a gripper like the second one. I missed Linda Hamilton and the guy playing John Connor was a little femmy. If they make a fourth one, Skwigg should play the woman kicking ass. :)

Anger Management
Not as good as the hype. Two great actors in a mediocre movie, in my opinion. Very predictable. OK, but wouldn't watch it twice.

About Schmidt
You know, people either loved this movie, or hated it. I loved it! I wasn't grossed-out by seeing Kathy Bates naked - come on people, not everyone looks like a super-model - and quite frankly I like a little reality once in awhile. I think this movie dealt with issues that no one likes to think about. I liked it because the main characters were controversial - meaning you didn't know whether you liked them or not. Something different! I'm tired of the same old movie.

I still need to watch 28 Days Later. I can't bring myself to watch the Matrix movies yet - they just don't do anything for me. Everyone keeps telling me to watch, but people flying through the air doing flips and kicks and shooting guns just seems stupid to me. Apparently I am a minority in this one.

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