Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The Joy of Potlucks
We had a company potluck yesterday. This is a day of no egg whites, no fat-free or low-carb foods, and definately no low calorie anything. It is graze all day until you feel like you are going to puke day. You are probably wondering by now if I EVER eat right. Well, yes I do - but it has been a challenge lately. Smoking is also still a challenge. I am doing better and better everyday, though. I haven't had a venti mocha frappucino for a whole week! Ha! You also must know that I didn't eat any bread at the potluck, and I did have quite a few veges. Ok, Ok, YES I HAD A COOKIE (or two) :) I have added some different things to my workouts to keep them interesting, and I did 120 lunges in a ROW a couple of days ago. (still recovering) I wanted to see how many I could do before falling over. For the last 30 I had to drop the weights and just use my body weight, which of course was, ENOUGH. My next thing will be to see how much I can bench-press (weight-wise). Everyone always asks me, and I've never known!

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