Monday, November 17, 2003

Camp Nut-job
Just got back from scrapbook camp. It is usually 48 hours of pure bliss for me, but this time there was a nut-job among us, and the weekend turned out to be somewhat of a catfight. There is always one bad apple, I tell ya, but really, this is a given when you get 40 women together. Women are just plain PITAs sometimes. (PITA = Pain In The Ass) This person was as uptight as they get - and had run-ins with several of us. You might think of scrapbookers as docile and hen-like, but you are sorely mistaken. We use things like razor blades and hammers as we put together our cute little scrapbooks. (my scrapbook pages consisted of pictures of our Halloween night and was titled "Leatherface - the saw is family") So, really, it is not a good idea to piss off a scrapbooker. There was squabbling about what music was playing, too much noise, food not cooked right..etc, etc, etc. Sometimes I think it would just be easier to go scrapbooking with men - we could belch, fart, drink beer and have the latest sport playing on a TV somewhere nearby instead of some gay-ass soothing cd. Although, that is how my personal scrapbook workshops usually customers KNOW how to scrapbook properly. If I get some time, maybe I'll post some of my pages. You may get a kick out of them, and the obnoxious amount of time it took to create them.

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