Sunday, October 26, 2003

Sunday pychosis
Holy crap. I just spent WAY too much money. I think I have a spending problem. Scrapbook stores are very dangerous for me. I am designing a journal cover - and the supplies I had to have cost triple what the actual journal did. Oh well. Then there are the clothes. Everytime I lose, like, 5 pounds - it is an excuse to buy more clothes. Then, because I was so tired from shopping, I had to eat out. (of course). My evil boss at the restaurant brought in m&m's for us last night while we were working. She said we could have a handful everytime we sold 100$. Apparently I sold about $4000. So much for the 5 pounds.

If you don't mind a little comedic cussing and a raw sense of humor - I just peed my pants from rolling around on the floor laughing at the website I just found. Go to the "How to annoy me" section. I died. Also check out the "How to charm me" section - the very first entry on that one sent me into a fit of laughter where my stomach cramped so hard I couldn't breathe. I admire people who can be that painfully honest. What a hoot!

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