Monday, October 06, 2003

Yes, it is stress-factor-four around here. Not only am I running around for the audit I told you about in the last post, but my trainer has informed me that to win this contest I am entering, it is imperative to quit smoking. Smoking apparently messes up your metabolism. Crap. I knew it messed up your lungs, but YOUR METABOLISM TOO? Double-crap. Guess I gotta quit. I was completely bitched out by two trainers, actually, - because they smelled smoke on me. (I guess no one knew previously). I have quit before, but I always seem to go back to it because I loooovve to smoke. See, eating healthy is easier because I get to HAVE bad food once in awhile - but with the no-smoking thing, I NEVER get to have a cigarette again. Oh my. Crazydogmama will be cranky for a bit. WATCH OUT.

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