Wednesday, October 22, 2003

My Dream
I am going to get personal today and tell you about my dream. I have been having very vivid and memorable dreams lately - and I wondering what it all means. (If there are any dream analysts out, please feel free to email me)

I dreamed that my husband and I were police officers again. (It has been almost 10 years - and neither one of us has the desire to go back) We were investigating the homicide of a woman, apparently a wife and mother. We knocked on the husband's door, and he let us in. We were also being "graded" by our superiors. This was a test for us or something - but it was real. The man was not acting like anything was wrong. He was acting like his wife was still alive. We looked around, talked to his weird son, and then left. We came back later to eat dinner, but we were actually trying to secretly investigate. The weird thing was, we were in uniform, but we did not have our guns. Some woman was there posing as his wife, and it was obvious that he had changed all the pictures in his house to her picture. All family members were there - and everyone was in on the lie. I went to the bathroom, and wiped out the bathroom garage can with windex. ??? Then, when I came out, the man came after me very violently swinging his fists. I ran away. Actually, I just ran around the house and told him to chill out. He did. We left. My husband and I smiled at each other because we now knew that the husband was the killer and we had probable cause to go back and arrest him. We had to go get our guns first, though. :)

My dreams usually NEVER make sense like this - most often they are nonsense. I have not watched any cop-type programs or movies lately, and I don't recall thinking about my time as a cop recently. Weird, huh?

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