Monday, October 06, 2003

It's going to be a fun week...NOT
So, I get to work this morning ready for a nice, normal week - nothing hectic. Yeah, right. My boss tells me that we have an FDA audit on Thursday - SURPRISE! FDA audits are about as much fun as sticking toothpicks up your fingernails. They are very stressful because the FDA can shut a company down. Without getting into the specifics of what I do (it will bore you to death) I can just say this...don't expect a whole lot of posting this week. Ugghh. I will be working OT because of the audit, and on top of that, I am scheduled to work all weekend at the restaurant. I am also starting a new challenge - instead of BFL, I am doing a MAXFORMATION through Max Muscle. That is where my trainer works. So much for relaxing, huh? Make way for SUPER- CRAZYDOGMAMA.

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