Friday, September 05, 2003

I'm down 3 pounds and lost some more inches! Visiting my trainer today wasn't depressing like I thought it was going to be! My metabolism must be higher because I have been eating like CRAP lately. Even my husband is on my case. (He says if I'm going to pay for a personal trainer I have to do what she says. I hate it when he makes sense.) I took out one of my inspirational books and my Muscle Media magazine that just came today and decided to kick it up a notch and get back on track. My trainer had me doing some Thai Chi punches today - and whoa, that gets the heartrate up in a quick hurry. I took kickboxing for awhile and LOVED it - but I had to choose between a trainer and kickboxing for my checkbook's sake. I think what also got me thinking again was the fact that I was behind a horrific fatality car crash this morning on the way to my workout. Instead of being an insensitive twit and thinking "Now I'm going to be late", I thought about how precious life really is and how it can all end in a split second. I wondered if there were children orphaned and how the families of the crash victims would be feeling today. We all take our lives for granted too much, don't we? Oh poor me this, and poor me that. I called my mom on my cell phone as I took the detour. I asked her about her day and told her I loved her. Too bad it took an awful tradegy to get me to do that this morning.

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