Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Ok, here it is. A picture of Moi. I don't like pictures of myself, generally, but I thought it would help readers who don't know me to put a face with the insanity. I like this picture because for some reason the angle, or the lighting, or something makes me look thinner than I actually am. The picture was taken awhile ago, though. I know it looks funny - I took a self portrait to test my new digital camera. Check out the cleavage, man! (That was unintentional, I am fairly conservative normally). Currently, I am reading "Succulent Wild Woman" by Sark. It is wonderful! It is inspiring me to finish writing an article I'm working on. I love silly, inspirational and colorful books. My interests go all over the place. When I go to Borders and buy books, cd's and DVD's all at the same time, I get really funny looks. For example, the other day I bought a gory horror movie on DVD, a colorful little blank journal, an alternative music CD, the Succulent Wild Woman book and a golf book for my husband. The cashier didn't say a word, but I saw his face crinkle a little when he was ringing up my purchase. It was one of those "these must all be gifts for different people" looks. I wanted to laugh. But instead, I went and had a protein shake and sang loudly to my new cd in the car.

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