Monday, September 08, 2003

I got pictures taken with my trainer this weekend. It was the end of my first 12-week challenge with her, and so we took comparison pictures, fun pictures, measurements and weight. I was really excited about my progress and my finishing stats - until I looked at the pictures of me next to her. Now, I know we are supposed to focus on our own improvements, of which mine were great, but I couldn't help but be a little depressed that I still made 3 of her in the pictures. I have thought about putting the pictures on my blog, but I need to get over the initial shock of body-realization first. Bare with me.

Haven't got a minivan yet - can't quite afford the one I want yet. I am devastated over the fatality at Disneyland this past weekend. Another horrible tradegy! And of all places! This also happened on Friday - the same day of the fatal car accident I got behind. (see previous blogs). Bad day. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is my second favorite ride! Now, Space Mountain AND Thunder Mt. are closed - not to reopen this year! I won't ever feel completely relaxed on that ride now. Eventhough Disneyland has only had 10 fatalities since its opening in 1955, it seems things are getting worse quickly with all the cutbacks they have been doing. Disneyland is going downhill in my opinion. And I'm MAD about it!!!

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