Friday, August 01, 2003

Working on my day off and the dream car
I'm doing overtime today at my day job, then I am going to the gym with my trainer, then I am getting Louie his rabies shot, then I am having 8 people over at my house for a night of scrapbooking. (I am a consultant for scrapbooking materials). So, basically, I am working my little tail off today when I should be sleeping and eating my cheat meals. Maybe I'll make some good money and buy myself something! I saw my dream car today. A 1967 Camaro. I have wanted this car since I was about 14 years old. I know its a guy's classic muscle car and all that, but I *love* them...the roar of the engine...taking those corners...being able to go uphill without people honking at is my dream car. Call me nutty, but I want it. It is not practical. It is a convertible. I am going to see if I can test drive it today.

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