Thursday, August 28, 2003

Time to Regroup
I have had many wonderful ideas lately for photos, articles and journal entries. The problem is, though, that I have not made time to write any of them down. I have done 2 double-shifts in a row and working much OT. I am working over the weekend as well as having a garage sale, getting the dogs groomed and looking for a minivan to buy. The time has come for a minivan. I do not have children (my stepson doesn't live with us) but it would be easier with the dogs and all my craft supplies. Someday, when I can afford to get a laptop, I will be a little traveling photo/writing shop!

Yesterday I ate a fortune cookie, and the fortune said "You will dine in many exotic places". Now, although I don't believe in fortunetelling cookies, this got me thinking. I have never been anywhere. My traveling consists of Washington, Oregon and California. I went to Idaho and Canada when I was little, but I don't remember it so it doesn't count. I have just driven through Oregon. So, basically, just Washington and California. Pretty sad, huh? My dad works for United Airlines, which makes it even sadder. My husband and I have discussed taking a road trip (hence the minivan-buying) next spring to GUESS WHERE? Yes, Disneyland in CALIFORNIA. I really need to regroup and expand my horizons. I think it will help my writing. Yeah! That's it! I need to travel and go on vacation to help my future career! Great justification! I think I will waltz into my boss's office and tell him! Now...where to go?

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