Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Storms and measurements
We had a great thunder and lightning storm last night. I love storms! Louie and Maggie aren't usually bothered by it, but last night they hid in their crates. I took the day off yesterday to scrapbook with some friends - it was a much needed day off. Even though I didn't eat 100% healthy yesterday, I did get in 7 meals. I didn't get to the gym, though, so I am all out-of-sorts. I have to get measurements taken this Friday and I'm all freaked out that I haven't lost any inches because of all the frappucino-drinking and bread-eating. I have had quite a few compliments on my weight loss, but I'm really panicked. The scale hasn't moved much this week (either way) but inches are a whole other story. This whole accountablility thing with my trainer keeps me on track MOST of the time!

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