Sunday, August 24, 2003

OOhhh...I am sooo sore. My trainer had me do a full body workout on Friday. (To test my endurance). Every exercise was 1 full minute (seems like an hour) with no rest until after the 4th minute. Then, a minute and a half rest - then another full four minutes - continue, continue, continue. She had me do this crazy ab exercise thing where I lay on my back with my legs and arms straight up in the air towards the ceiling - then I have to transfer this big huge rubber ball back and forth (without dropping it) between my arms and legs without moving them more than a couple of inches. It is hell just trying to keep my arms and legs up in the air, let alone trying to pass something back and forth. I also did lots of squat-like exercises so my thighs feel like they are going to die, and every movement is a major issue. Watching me try to get up and down off the toilet would be quite amusing, I'm sure. I have a little bit of a headache I'm so sore! I also fell down on one of my knees Friday night onto hard tile at the restaurant I work at. There was water on the floor and I slipped. So, on top of all that, my knee hurts too. Ugghh. The bright side is that I'm getting all ripped under all my fat! Someday, when all the fat has melted off because of my amazing metabolism, my sculpted muscles will awe the world! Ha!

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