Thursday, August 21, 2003

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!
Ok, eventhough I am totally broke, I have been buying myself lots of stuff. I work really hard and I deserve it, right? I pay my bills on time, I save money, and yes, I spend money when I should be fixing up the house. I have lost between 25 and 30 pounds now, and we have almost recovered from my husband's unemployment earlier in the year. Sooooo, shopping spree justification! I bought myself a set of toerings, 2 anklets, a book "Beautiful Bodies" and some eyelets, eyelet tools and cardstock from Stampin' Up. I also got some stuff from the craft store. Now I need a bigger purse (basically a big black bag from Target) and some new hair products. I love Aveda products, but I have a new interest in L'Occitane products - they are supposed to be really good for dry, naturally curly long hair with frizz issues. (Me!) I don't have human kids (don't know if I want them) so I figure its OK to be a little self-involved at the moment. I have an anniversary coming up (9 years!) so I will have to buy something for my husband soon. Hmmm...maybe there is a DVD I (ahhemm..HE) wants?...

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