Monday, August 04, 2003

Crazy weekend
Wow...I have to go back to work to relax. I am pooped from the weekend. My shoulders are so sore from my workouts. My trainer has really been working my upper arms - and I can feel muscles! Yay! I made my husband feel my new muscles. I tried those "Zone Perfect" bars this weekend. I had the peanut butter chocolate one - and it was really good. Too good. Something must be wrong with them. Yep. Too much sugar. (12g) They have 16g protein, 7g fat and 20g carbs, which isn't too bad, but the 12g of sugar kills it. In a pinch, though, it is better than a chocolate chip cookie. They taste better than Cliff bars, also, which I think are gross, and Cliff bars have 23g of sugar! Woo! Way too much! So that is my critique of the day. I am listening to an old Pearl Jam cd, thinking of my college years when grunge was in. I live in the Seattle area and went to college at the University of Washington (UW) so I was right in the middle of the "Seattle Sound" in the early nineties. I even met Layne Staley of "Alice in Chains" before he died. I remember when the movie "Singles" came out - I was so proud. and yes, I did hang out in those great coffee shops in Seattle before Starbucks hit the big time. This makes me feel so old. Time to go shopping and make myself feel better!

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