Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Crampy but Happy
OK, so I am a little "crampy" today - it is part of life (as a woman, anyway) but there are miracle drugs such as Alleve to make everything right in the world. My word for the day is "Wish". If I were to take the advice of my word of the day, I would wish for...contentment. Not money (although that would be nice), not world peace (which would also be nice, but unrealistic) but contentment. Contentment with my job, contentment with my body, contentment with all the things in my life. I am fairly content now, especially happy in my marriage - (9 years today! Happy Anniversary to me!). I thank God for the things in my life - but I always feel a little unsettled. Maybe it is because I am not taking enough risks. Maybe it is because I am in a bit of a rut. I don't always stand up for what I believe in (I get a little complacent sometimes) and I am not pursuing my dream of self-employment as a writer/artist/photographer hard enough. I get so scared of leaving my comfort zone that I do not move forward. I play with my camera, I write in my blog, I keep two journals (one food journal, one personal journal) and I scrapbook, but I do not really do what it takes to succeed. What do I need to do? I need to give it 100%. My fitness goals, my dream job goals - I need to give it 100%. The first step is: What is 100%? That is my task for today. What is my 100%?

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