Monday, July 28, 2003

Later that day...
This is fuuunnnnn. I can't wait to upgrade so that I can include pictures....I'll never get any work done! Had a co-worker just bring me a grande mocha frappuccino. oooohhhhaahhhhh. Bad, but so good! I have been on a major frappuccino kick lately - which is not a good thing when you are trying to be fit. It is 90 degrees here today with mega humididty. I was absolutely soaked after the gym! I found the only gym in this state without air conditioning. I am 31 - for anyone who is interested. I am listening to Train - "Calling All Angels" right now. I really like that song. I also like the Michelle Branch song "Are you Happy Now?" - which is not usually the kind of music I listen to. I never used to listen to mainstream pop - but you know, some of the new artists are pretty good! I also like The Dave Matthews Band and David Gray. That's enough for now. Is anybody reading this? Probably not...I will enjoy looking back on it myself, though. I'm big on nostalgia.

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