Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Dentists and Dog Poop
ugghh...gotta go to the dentist today for a cleaning. This is the only time I brush my teeth with a vengeance. I brush and floss of course, but not usually with fervor. The good thing is that I get to leave work early! I think I must have brain damage or something because I get excited to leave work for *any* reason - even if it is for a dental visit, surgery - whatever. Its not work! Anyways...more awake today - took my thermogenic.

Maggie pooped on the floor this morning. She hasn't done this for awhile! She knows better, and I had JUST let her outside. I was so mad. The funny part was, Louie tattled on her. I was getting ready for work in the bathroom and Louie came running to me, and started pawing my leg like the house was on fire. I know what this means. Maggie doesn't let me know when she has to go - and if she has an accident, she runs into her crate knowing she will get yelled at. Louie wants me to know that it wasn't him - and that I need to pick it up. Louie's way of letting me know HE has to go potty is to stand between my legs and lean to one side. How he came up with this is a mystery to me, and how I figured out what it means is even more mind boggling. So, when he paws my leg, I know it is a Maggie-poop accident. After I yelled at Maggie and gave her a time-out in her crate, Louie sprawled out in the hallway looking might proud of himself. My dogs. Worse than siblings.

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