Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Dentists and Dog Poop
ugghh...gotta go to the dentist today for a cleaning. This is the only time I brush my teeth with a vengeance. I brush and floss of course, but not usually with fervor. The good thing is that I get to leave work early! I think I must have brain damage or something because I get excited to leave work for *any* reason - even if it is for a dental visit, surgery - whatever. Its not work! Anyways...more awake today - took my thermogenic.

Maggie pooped on the floor this morning. She hasn't done this for awhile! She knows better, and I had JUST let her outside. I was so mad. The funny part was, Louie tattled on her. I was getting ready for work in the bathroom and Louie came running to me, and started pawing my leg like the house was on fire. I know what this means. Maggie doesn't let me know when she has to go - and if she has an accident, she runs into her crate knowing she will get yelled at. Louie wants me to know that it wasn't him - and that I need to pick it up. Louie's way of letting me know HE has to go potty is to stand between my legs and lean to one side. How he came up with this is a mystery to me, and how I figured out what it means is even more mind boggling. So, when he paws my leg, I know it is a Maggie-poop accident. After I yelled at Maggie and gave her a time-out in her crate, Louie sprawled out in the hallway looking might proud of himself. My dogs. Worse than siblings.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

When my alarm went off this morning the first thing that went through my head was "you've got to be kidding". It felt like I never went to sleep. My eyes are feeling heavy today. I did not have time to stop at starbucks for a coffee - and I can't stand the stuff we make at work. I am getting ready to have some sliced turkey on dark rye here at 7:40 in the morning. I always get strange looks. I've been eating a little too much bread lately - I need to knock it off. I meant to make some wild rice and bake some chicken for the week, but I have been avoiding turning the stove on during our little heat wave here. We have no air conditioning in our house except for a little one in our bedroom and office. It is cardio day and I am not looking forward to it because I will be so sweaty afterwards. I also have to do a "double" today. I have a second job - work 10.5 hours at my day job, then go work another 4 or 5 hours at my second evening job. Then, as if that weren't enough, I have an hour commute home. The stupid thing is, I'm still broke all the time.

Monday, July 28, 2003

Later that day...
This is fuuunnnnn. I can't wait to upgrade so that I can include pictures....I'll never get any work done! Had a co-worker just bring me a grande mocha frappuccino. oooohhhhaahhhhh. Bad, but so good! I have been on a major frappuccino kick lately - which is not a good thing when you are trying to be fit. It is 90 degrees here today with mega humididty. I was absolutely soaked after the gym! I found the only gym in this state without air conditioning. I am 31 - for anyone who is interested. I am listening to Train - "Calling All Angels" right now. I really like that song. I also like the Michelle Branch song "Are you Happy Now?" - which is not usually the kind of music I listen to. I never used to listen to mainstream pop - but you know, some of the new artists are pretty good! I also like The Dave Matthews Band and David Gray. That's enough for now. Is anybody reading this? Probably not...I will enjoy looking back on it myself, though. I'm big on nostalgia.
A brand new blog...
Hello, Crazy Dogmama here. I have decided to publish my daily insanity in a blog. First, why "Crazy Dogmama"? Well, I am the human mama of two Cairn Terriers (like Toto) named Louie and Maggie - who are my kids, and I tend to be a bit crazy. I have an obsession with working out, eating healthy and photography. I am not an expert in any of these fields, but I do waste a lot of time doing/learning about them. I am an avid scrapbooker, and am currently gathering pictures of my "Body For Life" (BFL) challenge for a scrapbook I am making of my progress. Now, of course, I can ramble on daily about it in my blog. I just finished an upper body workout on my lunch break at work. I am now drinking my "Muscle Milk". In a few hours I will be eating tuna on dark rye.

My current reading includes: "Diary of a Manhattan Call Girl" and "God Save the Sweet Potato Queens". My husband goes along graciously with all of this - and I in turn, go along with his golf obsession. I don't golf myself - it is not exciting enough for me. I am an adrenaline junkie. Over the last 8 years I gained a whole lot of weight - and have not been able to do my adrenaline junkie activities like snow skiing and jumping out of airplanes - so that is where my fitness obsession comes in. I WILL be ripped by next May...if it kills me! I eat constantly (5-7 meals a day) and workout 6 days a week - HARD! Or, at least I try. I have 2 cheat meals per week - in the same day. Some people have an all-day free day - which is great, and what I do when I am doing BFL, but right now I am trying to limit it to two meals a week at the advice of my trainer. These two meals could consist of an entire pizza or an entire package of oreos, mind you. I have lost a little over 20 pounds so far in 9 weeks. I have lost almost 2% in body fat. In the past, I have not been good at this - I usually give up. NOT THIS TIME. I am on a mission.

Today, I am looking into a photography class. I love digital photography, but I also want to learn how to do regular photography. I am into black and white - although I am just starting that.

I have one other obsession. Disneyland. My husband and I are big kids who love Disneyland. I am so bummed that Space Mountain will be closed for 2 years! It is my favorite ride, ever! We are planning our next trip for 2005.

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